May I Walk With You?

November 18, 2019

God’s Patience

Daniel Fachting, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist, Lay Minister at Our Lady of Hope Parish in Clare, and Chancellor for Knights of Columbus Council #3029. He can be reached at

Each of us is invited by God to commit ourselves entirely and completely to him, yet we don’t do it. Saint Macarius of Egypt in the fourth century put it this way. “Consider all that has been done for us: what glory has been given to us; what benefits granted by the Lord from the time of the fathers and prophets with the history of salvation in view; what promises, what encouragements, what compassion on our Lord’s part ever since the beginning! And at the end he demonstrated his unutterable care for us by coming himself to dwell with us and dying on the cross to turn us back to him and bring us back to life. Yet, we don’t set aside our self will, our love of worldly things, our evil inclinations and habits, and thus we appear as people who have little or no faith at all.”

“And yet, in spite of this, we see how God shows himself to us full of gentle goodness. He protects and cares for us invisibly; he does not completely abandon us to the world’s wickedness and illusion, despite our sins; in his great patience he keeps us from perishing and watches from afar for the time of our turning back to him.”

Many of us live by the myth that bad things will automatically happen to us immediately if we sin and that is just not the case. If that were the case, smoking tobacco would immediately cause cancer and heart disease. Having a drink of alcohol would immediately give us liver disease. Living a selfish lifestyle would immediately leave us lonely, without friends. One bet at the casino would immediately take our livelihood. I’m not saying that any of these things is evil in themselves, but over time and taken to an extreme will have disastrous consequences.

Jesus is calling all of us to live according to his way of life so that we will ultimately be happy with him. He gives us many, many chances to repent of doing bad things. He waits. He is patient. Because he loves us and wants us to love he will not hinder us from doing bad things. He does not take our free will away. So he waits and waits for us come to him. Could it be that breaking his commandments has its own consequences? I have found that living according to the way of Christ is the only way to have long term joy and happiness.

“May the Lord bless and keep you. May he let his face shine upon you and give you his peace.”

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