New York Morality in Michigan?

November 18, 2019

Dear Editor:
Many of us shrieked when New York passed legislation to legalize unlimited abortions for any reason all the way to the point of birth.

This week, our Michigan Governor Whitmer announced that she wants Michigan to duplicate New York’s unlimited abortion-on-demand here in Michigan. It will be called l the Reproductive Health Act.

This law, if enacted, would codify the Supreme Court’s decisions in state law, but it would also undo many existing widely supported prolife laws.

According to talking points provided by Planned Parenthood, the legislation would:

Allow minor teens to have secret abortions without their parents’ consent—or even knowledge.

Allow abortion facilities to ignore health and safety regulations that other medical clinics follow.

Allow abortion facilities to refuse to provide informed consent to women.

Allow walk-in abortions with no waiting period.

It is no surprise that she has vowed to veto the “Dismemberment Abortion bill that has passed the legislature. This bill would prohibit 2nd trimester abortions (up to 23 weeks) that allows dismembering babies in the womb piece by piece while being very much alive.

Her promise to veto this bill prompted Right to Life of Michigan to initiate a petition drive, to override her veto. RTLM is seeking 400,000 signatures to do so. We are presently doing so by obtaining signatures one on one, attending many events, and at the time of this writing, we have 75 churches in our area that has either completed, doing or planning a petition drive.

We the people will not remain silent, we will not bury our heads in the sand, like Germany did during the holocaust. We the people, seek the will of God, not the barbaric will that Governor Whitmer’s has for Michigan.

For more information, visit or call 231 839-2583 to sign or be a circulator.

Don Hoitenga
Lake City

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