No Gold This Week, Just Boards

November 12, 2019

Julie Traynor Postcards from the Pine Columnist
The Mill Pond as she appeared in 1943. The new boardwalk will run from the lower right, at the spillway, to the left, along the bank toward the dam.

Ok, I got nothing this week, and I mean nothing. The change back to standard time has messed with my internal clock, as it seems to, as I get older. One day I wake up and find myself falling into winter mode. If it is dark, it is time to go to bed. No matter it is too early. To put an updated twist on the old Ben Franklin saying, ‘Early to bed and early to rise does not make a man healthy, wealthy or wise’. It just makes you go to bed too early again the next night. I am guilty.

In my defense, sunset is late in north all through the glorious summer. It was indeed approaching bedtime when the sun went down in July. So, when it gets dark, my body wants me to go to bed, long before my head is ready. The Sandman always wins. Whoever is in charge of the dawn needs to chill and let me sleep a bit later. If we do away with this time change thing, which is a misery of our own invention, and remain on standard time, will it do away with the lag we feel when summer wanes? It’s been so long since we voted in this time thing, I do not remember. It would be nice to find out.

I find myself busy with fall cleaning. Good old fashioned, room-by-room, closets included, move and reorganize, fall cleaning. It’s time to toss away the remains of summer and embrace the holidays soon upon us. I am more than game this year for a couple of reasons. Before I know it, all will be home for Thanksgiving and our sit-down-dinner, no matter the number of sitters. We always manage one long table and enough things on which to sit. All of that takes some serious planning preparation, not to mention the accommodations. We have never run out of room yet. There is always room for one more.   

It’s time to face it. Warm weather will not return for several months and we don’t need the reminders of warm days past. Once ready to grab beach towels have given way to flannel sheets in the linen closet. Our heavy coats hang in the front closet and winter boots wait below. The big basket of throws has come to the living room, and dare I admit it…a touch of Christmas here and there. I hung the ornament wreath I made a couple of years ago in the dining room. It’s time to bring it out and enjoy. My Thanksgiving turkeys won’t mind.

And so, with all these thoughts of the approaching holidays come lists, gift ideas and all that jazz. It is part of the hype, and yes joy, of Christmas preparation. I missed Christmas the year I was born. So close, and yet so far. In honor of my approaching milestone birthday, I have chosen to give to my well-known local relative, Marion, Michigan, a gift by purchasing a board for the boardwalk at the Mill Pond. It is my chance to mark my family’s place on this planet, our home. I have yet to decide how to say that on my eight-foot board, but I’m sure something will come to me.

The boardwalk project an official and ongoing portion of the Mill Pond Project. This is the plan and how it works. One of the best features for us all in this whole project is the boardwalk. It will begin on the pond side of the berm, just past the new spillway, and run toward the dam, to start. This is an eight-foot wide boardwalk, extending over the waters edge, for walking, fishing and viewing. Perhaps you would like to commemorate the year your family came to Marion, or in memory of a Marion life well spent. A boardwalk board would make a great way to mark a joyous life event; a birth, marriage or anniversary. For Marion and her many children, the possibilities are endless. Each board on the walk, inscribed with your family name, or that of the person or persons you chose, is for sale at $125, through the Project by calling Connie at the Marion Village Offices. The more boards sold, the longer the walk. The eventual plan is for a walk to run along the south Pond shore, to the beach area. What a grand walk it will be!!

Please consider this lasting Marion tie when gift giving this year. We will continue to remind you and will soon have more details about this most affordable and lasting gift. It stakes your claim and says you were here. A board on the walk is truly a gift to us all. You only have to be willing to let folks walk all over your good family name for years to come. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

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