A Monday Morning to Forget

December 23, 2019

Mike Wilcox
Mike’s Musings Columnist

Have you ever had one of those days? I think we all have, and they usually land on a Monday. My latest Monday, or Monday morning I should write, was just this week, and man, I really should never have arisen from my bed.

I had no problem making it out the door. I mean sometimes I put on different colored socks or mistake the cold water shower handle for the warm, but not this day. I was primed and ready, that is until I attempted to open the door of my vehicle.

It wouldn’t open. I had never encountered this problem, but finally determined it was a bad battery in my key fob. But without a working key how was I to open my car? Thank God for Google. I was told I could use the app on my cellphone to open my car doors and start the vehicle. It actually worked, but now I was late for work, having spent my time researching my predicament.

Wouldn’t you know as I have the pedal to the medal, all sorts of creatures want to get in my way. On a desolate back road, a group of five or six deer made a mad dash past my front fender. Fortunately they made it across and missed my fender.

The squirrel that happened to try the same route a few miles later was less fortunate. My tire made sure he wasn’t going to live another second. Then there was the lone dog hanging in the middle of the road begging me to hit him. I came to a complete stop before he decided to saunter off.

I made it to the office, with no time to spare. Traditionally I run next door, and grab a 24 ounce Styrofoam cup of coffee. I did the same this day, and hurried back to my desk. Two minutes later the coffee covered the width of my desk. I had inadvertently in my haste to answer emails hit the cup with flailing hand and the coffee went everywhere.

My shirt was covered. Ditto my pants and shoes. My keyboard was soaked. So was my mouse. And important papers I had strewn all over my desk were now dripping in hot coffee. The papers were saved but the keyboard and mouse were toast. It was only a month ago they were purchased. Easy come, easy go, I guess.

Before I began work work, I had to pay a couple of personal bills. For some reason I historically pay my bills by phone call. I know there are easier ways- by mail or online, but for some stupid reason I end up on the phone. Today was an experience. It probably took two hours to make a simple mortgage payment.

First, as we all have experienced, the wait time to get a real person is sometimes over the top. This was especially true today. I was on hold for 15 minutes, only to be transferred to a second department for another 10 minute wait.

Once a real person verified my information I was told I couldn’t pay by phone and I had to register and use their website to make a payment. Mind you I had been paying by phone for over a year, so this didn’t make a lot of sense, but being compliant, I went with their logic.

So I hung up the phone, and registered at the website. As you know, banks have all kinds of silly questions and website requirements under the guise of security concerns, so the website was no two-minute register and your there. No it took about 15 minutes. But I did get to the payment folder, only to find out that there was a quirk in the system and they weren’t accepting payments.

Lordy, now I was back on the phone. This time my wait was minimal and I actually heard from an agent that was very willing to take my payment over the phone. It went like clockwork. If I hadn’t waited so long, and told by the first clerk I had to pay online, the experience would have been five star. Instead it was rated much lower, and to think I was simply trying to pay the company. Egads.

That’s my Monday morning. I hope yours was better. Thank God, Christmas is on a Wednesday. Here’s wishing you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

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