County Board of Commission Discusses Taking Over Road Commission

December 2, 2019

By John Raffel

MARION — The Osceola County Board of Commissioners, prior to its meeting last week, had a public hearing on the subject of whether the current process of electing road commissioners should continue or if they should be appointed by and under the jurisdiction of county commissioners.

“We had what I would say is a full house,” county commissioner Roger Elkins, of Evart, said. “A number of people spoke with their concerns. Commissioner (James) Custer is one who thought we might be better served if county commissioners were to appoint the road commissioners instead of electing them.

“There is another public hearing in December on basically the same topic. We have a number of people speak and express their opinion. It didn’t seem to be overwhelming support for county commissioners appointing the road commissioners. Anyone who spoke said they prefer electing people. But others said they don’t think the roads are what they should be. It was a good chance for people to provide input.”

County commission chairman Jack Nehmer, of Marion, said some of the attendees followed the road commissioners over to the road commission building after the hearing.

“They discussed some of the road problem themselves,” Nehmer said. “A lot of them came to the pubic hearing thinking it was a road commission meeting. We’re just there for comments from the pubic on if they wanted people elected or appointed. They had that meeting (after the hearing) and I understand they got some things resolved.”

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