Custer Appointed as Liaison to Road Commission

December 31, 2019

By John Raffel

The Osceola County Road Commission has completed its hearings concerning the road commission and will not be taking action or making any moves to have control over the county road governmental authority.
But the county has taken steps to be more involved with the road commission.

Commissioner James Custer of Evart has been appointed as a nonvoting liaison to the road commission while Tim Michell of Marion has been appointed as the alternate.

“We’ll attend their meetings and communicate anything we need to,” Michell said. “Jim and I both attended the last road commission meeting. There were some noteworthy points of interest that were brought up. They plan on pulling up the gravel from the shoulder to the middle of the road come spring. They discussed increasing the brine from 2,000 gallons per mile to 3,000 gallons per mile. This should help with maintenance of the gravel roads.

“There was discussion on attending more township meetings.”

The road commission meets once a month, Michell noted.

In terms of his relationship with the road commission, “I really don’t know what the guidelines are going to be on that yet,” Custer said. “I’m going to talk with the liaison out of Mecosta County and see how much latitude we have. I think if there’s another voice involved, maybe we can get away from the communication problem that’s there.

“They’re bringing up some new ideas I think will be beneficial to the people in the county. If they follow through on that, I’ll be a happy camper.”

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2 Responses to Custer Appointed as Liaison to Road Commission

  1. Ellen Grimshaw Reply

    January 1, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    Just to add to what I already pleaded for, I have been here now in Marion, Osceola County for close to 17 yrs and never have we been treated like the other roads in this county. I used to take rides all over on the dirt roads checking out how they are maintained, and our road has never been treated as if we pay taxes like everyone else. For nearly three years several years back we never got brine at all in the summer! Then my neighbor called the head road guy and told him and we got brine the very next day. If we don’t keep on you, we don’t get treated right! It is time we get Grade A road gravel down this road and have it compacted down then brine it. Our road has sand and the beginning of the road at Fifth Ave. it is like hard and oil covered to make it nearly impossible to grade it at all, it still has holes and bumps even when your guys grade it! Do they ever put the blade down to dig in? And why doesn’t the big road dozer come down this road to get it prepared before brine? We aren’t stupid on this road, we know we get treated badly for being a DEAD END road. We were told that the DEAD END roads were not to get brine for the three years we didn’t get it at all, but yet the DEAD END road that the tax treasurer, Ms. Michell lives on got the brine every one of those years! The problem with our road is even though it is a dead end, the people that are in Clare County that have to use our road treat it very badly when they race down past my house to West Muskegon Banks Rd…they have no respect for our situation and bad road, they don’t have to pay the taxes on it, so they mess it up really bad for us on Twin Lakes Rd.

  2. Ellen Grimshaw Reply

    January 1, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    I am very happy with the brine issue, it is never applied to our dead end “Twin Lakes Rd” like it is on all the other roads! We don’t get from one side right up to the grass to the other, not like some of the roads. So I will be checking it out when our road is treated heavier with the brine and side to side not just down the middle of the road and expect it to be there half way through the summer! Another thing, don’t put it down while raining DO IT DRY! We on this road would just like to see GRADE A road gravel put down on our road like all the others first, then brine it & not have this crap job that keeps being done here! It becomes a hell hole in rain, like driving in snot! Grade the road with blade down on sides and make the middle higher and rounded off! Then the water will go to the sides instead of covering the whole road leaving no accessibility to go down the road at all!

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