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December 2, 2019

Julie Traynor Postcards from the Pine Columnist
Somehow we think Bruce might just appreciate this photo of he and fellow MHS footballer, the late Pete Stein. Bruce, right, was a senior. This was taken in the fall of 1955.

If the call of the wild and the annual white tail firearm hunt has claimed your significant other, then you were likely among the many ‘hunting widows’ on the move all across Michigan. I was.

I joined my likewise widowed sister-in-laws in the army of early Christmas shoppers. We did enough store to store combat to last me for a long while. It was a grand time and I am happy that it is done and sad that I am reminded of my age. I do not have the stamina I once did for the marathon of Christmas shopping. That is probably a good thing!

As you read this, we will all be picking at turkey leftovers and getting ready to hit the shopping trail, if you are Black Friday inclined. But, as I write this, we are all in the throes of Thanksgiving preparation. Here in the Pines we anticipate the first turkey eating arrivals tonight (Tuesday). He will hunt on Wednesday. The turkey is safely thawing in the fridge, and most of the necessary foods are purchased. The real frenzy will begin to happen when it is time to put it all together.

Thanksgiving is, as they say, late this year. In fact, the 28th is as late as the holiday occurs. When we arise from the table on Thursday, we will no doubt be reminded that there are 25 shopping days until Christmas. It is my plan to have a tree up and decorated, at least with lights, by turkey time. I’m getting there. The real shining ornaments won’t be those on the tree, but the shining faces gathered at our table.
Happy Thanksgiving from the Pines.
We were sorry to hear of the passing of life-long resident Bruce Sible 1937-2019. Bruce was the youngest son of local hardware couple, and well known clock collector, Don and Esther Colberg Sible.

I have mentioned before that my parents and the elder Sible’s were good and life-long friends. Dad, Don and his small boys spent considerable time fishing, until sports caught their fancy. Long before I was born, Don and his boys and Dad and my cousin Jack, who was a ‘partner in crime’ with Sible boys and a classmate of Bruce, spent considerable time fishing. This was before they all hit high school and discovered sports and girls, likely not in that order.

Fred, Bruce’s older brother, was a star ball player at Marion in the early 1950’s. He went on to teach school, coach high school ball and became a referee, not only high school sports, but college and some pro. Fred Sible died in 1989.    

Also quite a high school athlete, Bruce Sible played Marion Junior and Varsity basketball and football. And was a member of the champion MHS football team of 1956.  A true Marionite, after his time in the US Army, Bruce returned to Marion, Michigan, where he raised his family and spent the rest of his life.

Condolences from the Berry’s to the Sible’s.  

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