Sheriff Reminds Drivers of Winter Safety Tips

December 2, 2019

By John Raffel

As December approaches and the likelihood of winter weather is coming, Osceola County sheriff Ed Williams reminds drivers to be extra careful and employ various driving tips during snowy and icy conditions.

“Have a fully charged cell phone, have it in your pocket and leave it in your pocket,” he said.

“Reasoning is simple, Some cell phone batteries do not last very long and you do not want to have a dead battery when you need to call for help. Have it in your pocket because if a crash does occur, the first thing you need to do after checking on wellness is call for help and if you left it on the seat, guarantee it will no longer be on the seat, so you waste time trying to find it.

“As for leaving it in your pocket, most winter driving conditions only allow for a split second for you to react when the conditions change and if you are on the phone doing whatever, the time you had to react is gone past the point of recovery.”

Williams provided other key reminders.

“There are a lot of other things such as telling someone where you’re going and how you’re getting there, make sure your tires are in good shape, keep a shovel or some sand (kitty liter) in the trunk, and a warm blanket. Also be mindful of your exhaust if you do go in the ditch; do not leave vehicle running if it is plugged which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.”

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