Faces in the Crowd: Travis Snoop Eising

January 14, 2020

The Eising Family — Snoop, Grace, and Ernest.
Snoop with his buddies Easton, Ronnie, Cotton, Brian, Heath and Vince.
Snoop, Grace, and Fern Dog.
Snoop took his monster whitetail during Missouri’s 2019 bow season.
Snoop with his 150-inch Iowa Whitetail taken during shotgun season.
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Travis “Snoop” Eising is a reality TV star.

It’s just that most people don’t know it yet.

His company, Eising Outdoors, continues to grow, and continues to entertain audiences throughout Social Media.

As the face of Eising Outdoors, Snoop continues to gain followers with his entertaining outdoor adventures. He entertains audiences with his big personality, big beard, and an even bigger heart.

It’s refreshing to watch his escapades, because even when the camera’s on, he’s just being himself. And according to him, that’s the most important thing.

A 2004 Marion High School grad, Snoop currently lives with his wife Grace and their six-month old son Ernest in Kansas City, Missouri. By day, he enjoys selling cars for Show Me Auto Mall in Harrisonville, Missouri, while Grace works as an optometrist. But his true passion is the outdoors.

We caught up with Snoop recently where he filled us in on his adventures. We talked about where he’s been, and where he’s going. We learned that Travis “Snoop” Eising is much more than just another face in the crowd.

Marion Press: What is Eising Outdoors, and how did it come about?
Snoop: My brothers [Tyler and Trevor] and I started it when we were younger. It’s kind of like the outdoor TV shows: The Drury boys, the Realtree guys; and you try to emulate what they’re doing. But most of their stuff is just hunting big bucks; they’re out there just hunting deer. Not many of them are just doing the outdoors in general.

So a lot of what we do is just getting out there. I don’t care if you’re birdwatching. Just go outside; get out there. I love taking my dog for a walk through the woods – if it wasn’t my late dog Orville, it’s my new dog Fern. Or just sitting in a tree stand and seeing does – it’s still a good hunt. It’s the chance to get out there. It’s hard to get out in the woods and make that time for something; it’s hard to get out on the water and make that time for something.

The whole purpose of Eising Outdoors, it’s not a profit-thing for me. If I can make a living doing it, I would be cool with it – even if it was a minimal living. My goal is to bring people into the woods – if I can go hunting and bring people into the woods. Maybe one of my hunts reaches someone, and they think, “Hey, man, this looks like a lot of fun – this dude’s having a blast out here!” Then maybe that person’s like, “Hey, I wanna go hunting.” That’s what it’s all about. I’ve had some people contact me through our site, “Hey, Eising Outdoors, I’m thinking about getting into bow hunting next year, what should I do?” So I’ll give ‘em as much information as I can possibly give them, and if they’re in the area, I’d be more than happy to take them.

I’m tellin’ ya man. There’s something about being in the woods, maybe by yourself, or with a close friend or sibling that brings you back to where you should be. It’s where you’re supposed to be. You’re putting your foot in the dirt and you’re feeling it.

MP: Eising Outdoors has taken off over the last couple of years, but you’ve been doing it for a while.
Snoop: We’ve probably been doing this for 12, 13 years – really since high school. We started out by just calling our adventures Eising Outdoors. We actually made a DVD a long time ago – it’s bad; it’s terrible! We’re just kids; I’m like a 9th grader and we’re filming hunts.

MP: How did hunting season treat you?
Snoop: I’m tagged out in Missouri; I’m tagged out in Iowa. I had a pretty good year. I shot a 145-inch buck down here in Missouri, and then 4 days later, I shot a 150-inch buck in Iowa during shotgun season.
I shot a smaller eight-point earlier in the year. I haven’t hunted with my dad in 15 years, just because I’ve been living out of state. I was like, man, I’ve grunted this buck in, I’ve brought him across the field, my dad’s been watching him, he came over to me, and I put him down. It was a really cool moment. It’s not something I’m going to put on the wall, but I’ve got a more heartfelt story with that deer than I do with some of the other deer that are considered really nice bucks.

MP: And you still make it up to Michigan once in a while, right?
Snoop: Anytime I’m up there, I usually link up with my cousin Colton, or my brother Trevor. Or I’m up at my father-in-law’s in Charlevoix, we’re trying to do some hunting up there. If I can get up there and do some rabbit hunting, or maybe get out on the ice – there’s nothing close to ice fishing, besides maybe trout fishing!

MP: What was life like growing up in Marion?
Snoop: Born and raised in Marion, never lived anywhere else until I moved to college. We were heavy into sports; heavy into the outdoors. Played four sports: baseball, basketball, football, and track. I think if they had a fifth sport, I probably would’ve played that too.

MP: They had cheerleading…
Snoop: No man, I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t shoot a three and then come down and cheerlead!
We were just heavily involved. Marion is such a cool town. There’s the big four lanes, and the parking on the side, and this huge strip going through Marion. It’s a cool town. I’ve always thought it was a cool town, growing up, and I still think it’s a cool town. I’ve got great relationships; friends and family there, my high school class is still really tight – we kind of have a pretty good idea of what everyone is still doing.
Sports was a big influence. Having my dad around, and my mom and my brothers. And our buddies who we spent the summers with playing ball. It kind of helped mold me; it kind of helped mold our whole crew – kept us out of trouble and was a lot of fun.

MP: And you went on to play football at Ferris. Was football your favorite sport?
Snoop: I didn’t know football was my favorite sport at first – I thought basketball was. Being in the gym, my dad being a coach, I thought basketball was my sport. Once I started to grow – I graduated at 17 and I was 6’3” and 210 pounds – once I got to college I grew an inch and put on 30 pounds in one year. I was like, “Yeah, I think I’m a football player.”
So I had a lot of fun down there; a lot of great relationships at Ferris. I got my degree; got my masters from there. It was a good time.

MP: Tell us about your family.
Grace and I have been together for a little over 10 years. We started dating and stuff like that, and so I just blatantly asked her: “Hey, do you wanna be my girlfriend?” – just like that, and she goes: “Yeah, I’ll be your girlfriend.”
We’d been dating for 4 or 5 years; she moved down to Florida for her schooling, to get her doctorate down there, and I stayed at Ferris for a year. Then she took a residency job in Kansas City, then we moved to Wisconsin for almost a year. And we ended up getting pregnant up there. We had Big Ern down here in Missouri – so I’ve got a little boy, Ernest, six months old. That changes your life, I’ll tell ya that.

Once you’ve got a little guy, I’m kind of third in line. It used to be that a lot of everything was for me; then I met Grace, and it was us together, and her first. And now I’m just third! It’s Ernest, then Grace, then me. Take care of those two, and then I get to myself after that. The smaller things in life – some of the things that you thought were a big deal – just don’t seem like that big of a deal anymore, once you’ve got a little guy.

MP: And you still consider Marion home?
Snoop: You know what, it’s funny – it’s always home. Even living out of state for eight years, I still call Marion home. I’ve been in Florida for five, Kansas City for two, Wisconsin for a year, but Marion’s still home. Someday we’ll come back. We’re always working towards it.

MP: Who have been your role models over the years?
Snoop: My mom, she’s such a kind lady. My dad, just being tough on ya, but love ya at the same time. My brothers – they’re all pretty good role models. My sister, Tierra, is a great role model because she would always put me in my place – that’s always been nice. Some of my biggest role models have been my buddies, my friends: From you, to Richie [Russell], to Kevin McDowell; Even during my younger years. From Shane Meyer, and Jason Hedler, to Chris Weaver, Judy [Brian McKinstry], and Vince [Witt], and Wags [Justin Wagenschutz], and Cody [Wheeler], and Andy [Salinas] and all these guys that we hung out with. You see them succeed and you want to do the same thing. You want the best for them, and they want the best for you. Even when we were younger, we were just so tight-knit, and we all wanted everybody to be better. Really, maybe your friends get overlooked a little bit in terms of being great role models.

Probably one of my biggest role models since being an adult would have to be my wife, Grace. From going through school, moving away, going to Florida. Going to Optometry School and being the president of her class – she won the Chancellor’s Award at Optometry School; she was voted by the professors and the school as the top overall student.

She’s just a grinder, man. I think I could actually be an optometry doctor as much as I’ve studied with her; flashcards and [stuff]! But she’s a super good human. That’s why I married her.

MP: What’s the best advice you’ve received, or would give to others?
Snoop: Just be good. Be a good human. When my Uncle Marty [Sembach] died, I gave the eulogy, and I just said, if you could strive to be like someone, strive to be like Marty. Just be a good person. That’d be my biggest thing to reiterate to anybody: Be a good human. Be you. If you’re faking it, people know.

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