How Do You Define Pro-Choice?

January 20, 2020

The label of being “Pro-life” draws a line in the sand that is clear and there can be no misinterpretation of it’s meaning.

So, how can “Pro-choice” be defined?  To some it means that there is no right or wrong, all choices are of equal value and everyone can and should just do what they want.  This is the road to anarchy, and the complete breakdown of society.   It leads to a world we are fast approaching where the weak, small, those who have no advocacy group, are vulnerable to those who are able to impose their choices on others.

For some, “pro-choice” means that abortion is actually a good thing in many cases. Those who believe they are helping women and society, who welcome abortion as a blessed remedy for one of the many evils in today’s society. 

For others “pro-choice may mean “I am personally opposed to abortion, but I believe that everyone has the right to choose abortion for themselves.”

This is a morally bankrupt position and can be readily seen by applying the same principles to owning slaves, committing rape, sexual abuse of children, or any number of other “choices” that people sometimes want to make.  How absurd it would be for a pedophile to defend his act by stating: “I’m pro-choice.”

Think about it:  the natural God given course of a pregnancy is to give birth. “Pro-choice” really equates to being “pro-death.”

Annually, pro-lifers in America commemorate the ill decision to make abortion legal by memorializing the loss of each death in America.  We are all “fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS image.”

Please attend our Sanctity of Human Life Sunday memorial service this Sunday at Faith Baptist Church January 19th at 2pm.  The church is located 5 miles East of Cadillac on M-55 (Watergate Hwy.)  
Don Hoitenga
Wexford/Missaukee Right to Life

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