Missaukee Locks Courthouse Doors

January 14, 2020

By John Raffel

MCBAIN — Missaukee County administrator Precia Garland announced this week that in order to improve Missaukee Courthouse security, the front doors of the courthouse are now locked and available as an emergency exit only. Entrance to the courthouse is available through the northwest entrance adjacent to the courthouse parking lot, Garland said.

“We are in the inception of really working at various security measures recommended for the courthouse,” Garland said. “All we’ve done at this point is eliminate a public entrance to the courthouse and created one primary public entrance. Additional security measures will likely be forth coming.

“We haven’t established any screening device or things of that nature.”

Garland said there are two committees which is focusing on improving courthouse security. There’s a security committee mandated by a state court administrator’s office and a safety committee of the Board of Commissioners, she said.

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