Osceola Ready For Winter with 1300 Tons of Salt

January 14, 2020

By John Raffel

MARION — Luke D. Houlton, manager of the Osceola County Road Commission, seems to have everything ready to go for the winter months.

“We have approximately 1,300 tons of road salt on hand.” he said. “We do not have capacity in our existing salt sheds to hold enough for the full winter season so salt is periodically purchased and delivered to keep an adequate supply on hand. The cost per ton for salt this winter season is up around 14 percent from last winter. We are currently paying $73.28 per ton for seasonal backup salt.

“Salt is mixed with screened sand in a 2:1 ratio of 2 sand to 1 salt.  Salt Sand is mixed and stored well ahead of any maintenance needs. Generally speaking, it is placed on hills, curves and intersections. Depending on conditions it may also be spread on straight sections of roadway.”

It’s getting more expensive. Houlton said, for winter road care.

“We used 3,400-plus tons of salt during the 2018-19 winter season at a cost of approximately $212,000,” he said.

Osceola County has 925 miles of roads of which approximately 290 are blacktop roads that required the use of salt sand for winter maintenance.

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