Pet Owners Reminded of Proper Winter Care

January 14, 2020

By John Raffel

Michelle Kuz is director of the Osceola County Animal Control department and reminds owners to take proper care of their pets during the cold months.

“Like the summer, if it’s too hot or cold for you, then it’s too hot or cold for your pet,” she said. “Animals that have to be kept outside should have the appropriate shelter. Ideally, the opening should face south or southeast so it’s not facing the cold winter winds out of Canada. It should have cool dry straw.

“They should have water that’s unfrozen and that should be checked and people should be aware that during the winter the intake for food increase because a lot of energy is taken in trying to maintain their both temperature.”There are occasional violations in proper animal treatment, Kuz acknowledged.

“Last year, when it was dipping below zero, we had someone local who called and complained because an animal from a neighbor was extremely vocal at night. We went out and found it was no more than a plastic doghouse and pine shavings. We had to point out the animal was shivering from the cold. We always wonder about who we don’t know about.

“We’d like to see the law changed so it’s not allowed to leave your dog or pet outside 24-7 even with shelter. It adds to their anxiety or aggression. It’s not healthy for them.”

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