Flu Outbreak Forces Schools to Close

February 10, 2020

By John Raffel

EVART — The flu outbreak has had an impact on local school districts so far this winter.

WXYZ, a radio station out of Detroit, reports Influenza cases are on the rise in Michigan, and latest data from the Michigan Disease Surveillance Systems reports that there’s been over 300,000 “Flu-Like Disease” as of the first of the year. And of those, over 30,000 have been Influenza.

“We have not decided to call school off yet,” Stephen R. Prissel,

Superintendent of McBain Rural Agricultural School District said on Tuesday.

“But, we had 11 percent out Friday, 14 percent out Monday and 15 percent out today. We will continue to monitor.”

There were no official reports out of Marion. But Evart called off school for a day last week. A major cheer invitational Evart was scheduled to host last Saturday was canceled because of the flu.

“It has caused us to cancel practices or practice short handed,” Wallace said. “We have cancelled a JV game or moved varsity players down to have enough players,” he said. “We have cancelled a high school game and two middle school games due to school closing. We send them home, cancel school and cannot allow teams to meet,

“In 25 years at the high school, I have never seen it hit in the high school like it has. We have had illness go through teams before, but this fever just seems to hang on and won´t let up for up to a week. And it seems to spread so easily. We used to be able to fight through it, but it’s not an option with this one.”

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