Marion Essay Contest Winners, and Their Essays

February 17, 2020

By Aaron Jay Michell

Recently, Marion students in grades 4 through 12 were given the opportunity to participate in the first annual “Write for Marion” Writing Contest presented by the Illuminovelists Writing Group. In cooperation with Marion Public Schools, the contest was sponsored by the Marion Press, the Marion Library, Parkhurst Brothers Publishing, Shananjac’s Pizza, and the Illuminovelists Writing Group.
Students were asked to write an original story; fiction, personal experience, or a combination of both. Stories were judged based on creative content, flow, plot, descriptions, spelling, punctuation, correct word count, and clarity. Awards for first and second place were given to the top stories for elementary students (4th and 5th grades), middle school students (6th-8th grades) and high school students.

1st Place High School – A Student with a Dark Secret By Tabby Dimock

Once upon a time there was a young, happy female student who had straight A grades and many friends. Her name was Tab.
Everyone loved having Tab around. She helped everyone that needed help. Cared for animals, had a big heart and had a secret that nobody knew until one day.
Tab had a really dark past full of abuse and neglect. Her past was so dark that there was a monster inside of her waiting to burst out and kill. Tab tries to keep the monster hidden but she knows that she can’t keep it hidden forever.
Tab did a good job of hiding the monster inside of her until one day. On one crazy day, Tab was just happily roaming the hallways of her school thinking of her one true love, which also happened to be a monster named Bendy.
Bendy was a cartoon demon with a white bowtie, two white gloves, black shoes, and a cheerful smile. Everyone thought Bendy was scary but Tab was attracted to the black and white demon.
As Tab was walking down a hallway she ran into her best friend.
“Hello Paige, my buddy” Tab said.
“What are you up to?” Paige asked Tab.
“Nothing much, what are you up to?” Tab said as she was clearly nervous about something.
“You’re thinking about Bendy again, aren’t you?” Paige said with a smile.
Tab let out a small laugh. The two friends talked for a while and then went down separate halls.
The bell rung as Tab rushed to her next class. She settled down, still giggling about the conversation she had with her friend, another one of her friends said a happy “Hello” to Tab. Tab said “hello” back with a large grin on her face as she was excited to start math class.
Math class was Tab’s favorite class. It was fun in there and the teacher was very nice and let Tab have free time after she was done working. She mostly used that free time to look up Bendy on the computer, but when Tab looked up, she saw that Mr. Baldwin was gone and Mrs. Swiger was subbing.
Tab could feel the monster growling angrily inside of her, but Tab just took a deep breath trying to keep the monster from breaking free. Mrs. Swiger then told the class what Mr. Baldwin wanted them to do. Tab just quietly obeyed and started working on her math, but then another one of her friends leaned over and started talking to her.
“Tab, you still using that scratch website?” the friend said. Tab answers with a nod. “Can you show me some of your projects?” the friend asked.
“Sure as long as we don’t get caught.” So Tab gets on scratch and showed the friend some projects mostly involving Bendy and Lord Business, but then all of a sudden Mrs. Swiger was standing behind the two friends.
“That doesn’t look educational Tab” Mrs. Swiger said, making it seem like Tab was only five. Tab could feel the monster roaring and clawing inside of her.
“Excuse me but I need to step out,” Tab said with anger in her voice. When Tab stepped out she ran to the restroom, sat in a corner and started crying.
Tab’s friend Paige all of a sudden walked into the restroom about to get a demonic surprise. When Paige walked in, she seen Tab but Tab didn’t look normal. Tab was covered in snake scales, had a black devil tail, red and black hair, claws, dragon wings, large fangs sticking out of her mouth, glowing red eyes and two horns that looked like the horns on Lord Business’s helmet.
“Is that you Tab?” Paige said nervously. Tab nodded, her eyes full of tears of ink, “I’m a monster.” Tab said. Paige said, “You know if Bendy seen you, he would think that you are the most beautiful demon he ever seen.” Tab looked up with a smile, able to hide the monster again.
The two walked out when an announcement came, “ATTENTION STUDENTS WE ARE ON LOCKDOWN, THERE IS AN INTRUDER IN OUR SCHOOL!!!”
The two friends started to panic when the intruder suddenly showed up and drew his diamond sword at the girls and saying, “We meet again Tab.” Tab starts to feel the monster clawing again and then all of a sudden Tab was not Tab anymore.
“YOU’RE A FREAK OF NATURE TAB!!!” the intruder yells with a laugh.
“IT’S LORD TABBY” Tab yells and then all of a sudden jumps on top of the intruder, strangling the intruder with her tail, clawing and biting the intruder. Hours passed, then the police arrived to the school to arrest the injured intruder. Nobody was hurt, but Tab wanted to know who the intruder was so she walks up to him and rips off the mask. “Oh my gosh,” Tab says as the intruder turns out to be a friend from the past.
Tab gives her old friend a fatal bite, poisoning the criminal and killing him. The police take the criminal away and everyone from the school is cheering for Tab, “LORD TABBY SAVED US.”
After that day, Tab revealed her secret to the world and later on got a surprise visit.
While everyone was cheering for Tab a demon covered in ink showed up.
“I’m looking for someone named Lord Tabby,” the demon says.
Everyone stared at the demon and then Tab ran up to him and hugged the ink-covered demon.
“I LOVE YOU BENDY!” Tab shouts as she’s hugging Bendy.
“I love you too,” Bendy says, hugging Tab. Tab saved her school, was united with her true love, and from that day on was known as Lord Tabby and she lived happily ever after.
The End.

1st Place Middle School – Bella – By Maddie Sutten

Bella is just a small town girl with a lot of talent and some adventures coming her way.
“Get ready, we are going to go visit your grandma in the hospital soon,” Bella’s mom said.
Bella got ready quick and ran downstairs, she said, “Mom, when are we leaving?”
Mom said, “Right now, get in the car Bells. The hospital is a 20 minute drive from here!”
Bella raced to the car as fast as she could. While in the car, Bella said, “Mom what is wrong with Grandma?”
Mom said, “Bells, your grandma is very ill, it is a very rare type of disease, she needs to get surgery to fix it.”
Bella said, “She can afford it right, and she will be ok?”
Mom said, “Bells, she doesn’t have enough money for the surgery, so you know that clothing designing competition in Texas?”
Bella said, “Yes.”
Mom said, “I want you to go to the competition and win the money, bring it back, and we can pay for you grandma’s surgery. Would you do that for her?”
Bella said, “I would love to do that! That would be amazing! Mom, thank you, and I would love to help out Grandma in any way I can.”
It was the day Bella was leaving for Texas. Bella and her mom were at the end of the driveway, Bella’s mom was in tears. She sobbed, “I am going to miss you Bells.”
Bella said, “I am going to miss you too, Mom.”
Bella was getting ready to get in her car when she heard someone shout her name, they said, “Bella wait! Wait!”
The person ran up behind Bella and gave her a big hug; it was her boyfriend Cameron. But Bella didn’t know that so out of instinct Bella sprayed him in the eyes with pepper spray.
Cameron screamed in pain, “Bella, it’s me Cameron, why would you do that?”
Bella instantly felt very sorry and continued saying sorry for a long time until she said, “Cameron, why are you here?”
Cameron said, “I am going with you to Texas to help you with whatever you need.”
Bella said, “Really, that would be amazing. I couldn’t do this without you.”
As Bella and Cameron got in the car Bella was starting to get really nervous because so much pressure was put on her to win the contest. When Bella and Cameron arrived in Texas after a long drive from Kansas they hurried and got to the hotel as fast as they could because the competition would be starting the next day and she needed to get a plan.
The next day Bella woke up and got ready. Bella could barely eat because she was so nervous. After a 10 minute drive to the venue they arrived. An hour later the competition was just about to start when Bella got to her place. After an intense couple of minutes the judges announced that everyone competing would have one hour to make a unique outfit for a model to show and be judged.
Bella was clearly one of the best designers at the contest, she made it to the finales where it was just her and a girl named Aspen. Aspen was also a very creative and unique designer that always had very outside of the box ideas.
Aspen and Bella were getting ready for the finale round to see who won one hundred thousand dollars. The two girls had two hours to finish a project based on the theme “New York It Girl” that would blow the judges away.
After two hours Bella heard the beeps of the time, “Beep” “Beep”.
Bella was very confident about her project. After what seemed like forever, the judges came to their decision. They all came to a unanimous vote. Bella won.
As the judges gave Bella all the winning money she cried out of happiness because she had helped save her grandma’s life. After the competition, Bella and Cameron raced to the hotel, grabbed all of their stuff, and packed the car because there was no time to waste.
Once they had arrived home Bella gave all of the money to her mom to give to her grandma, and her mother thanked her and said to her, “Bells, I am so proud of the person you are.”
Bella and her mom took a trip to the hospital and surprised Bella’s grandma with the money.
Bella’s grandma said, “You have no idea how much this means to me, I love you Bells.”
Bella said, “I love you too.”
After all of Bella’s adventures it was time to settle down. Her grandmother can now live happily because of Bella and her adventures.

1st Place Elementary: My Pretend Friend By Sierra Sikkema

Do you know who Mandy Eillie Randy is? You probably don’t, but I do. She is a loving, kind child.
Mandy is 10. She was born January 12th, 2009. Her full name is Mandy Ellie Randy. Mandy has orange and red hair with blue polka dots and green eyes.
Mandy has a small family of people in her house. Mandy has five people in her family. She has Jinglebell, her older brother, Rodolph, her younger brother, her mom Alli, and dad Al.
She has a very very fat cat named Pow Pow. Mandy’s favorite color is blue. Her favorite food is meat. Mandy’s best friend in the whole world is Kenda Kelp. She loves making dances with Kenda.
Mandy and Kenda make a lot of cool handshakes and dances. Mandy likes to sing with Kenda. She has a lot of other friends too. Some more of Mandy’s friends are Iris Milipead and Milley Butterfly. Mandy helps people who are sad and lonely. She loves spending time with her friends.
Mandy loves listening to music, singing, and dancing. Mandy’s hobbies are making bracelets, sports, dancing, building stuff with legos, and reading. Mandy loves reading a writing.
During the week, after school she goes to robotics, and after robotics, she goes to Seeds. Some sports Mandy plays are soccer, basketball, and baseball.
Mandy goes to dance. Mandy thinks dance is fun, she learns cool different dances. Mandy has a dance on Mondays, only Iris Milipead goes to dance with Mandy.
On the weekend, Mandy goes to Kenda or Iris’s. Some weekends Mandy has a basketball game, or Jinglebell has a football or basketball game. Mandy’s dad is normally Jinglebell’s coach, so Mandy has to go to all the games.
One of the trips that Mandy took was her favorite trip of all. That trip was going to Florida, that was her favorite trip because she got to ride on the trolley.
Some of Mandy’s nationalities are very neat, one of them is Scottish.
Mandy is a very friendly girl, a very nice friend and a helper. If you ever met her, you would think and say the same thing I do about her.

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