Write for Marion Writing Contest Winners:

February 10, 2020

Recently, Marion students in grades 4 through 12 were given the opportunity to participate in the first annual “Write for Marion” Writing Contest presented by the Illuminovelists Writing Group.  In cooperation with Marion Public Schools, the contest was sponsored by the Marion Press, the Marion Library, Parkhurst Brothers Publishing, Shananjac’s Pizza, and the Illuminovelists Writing Group.
Students were asked to write an original story; fiction, personal experience, or a combination of both.  Stories were judged based on creative content, flow, plot, descriptions, spelling, punctuation, correct word count, and clarity.   Awards for first and second place were given to the top stories for elementary students (4th and 5th grades), middle school students (6th-8th grades) and high school students.  On Friday, Febuary 5th, first and second place writers were presented with a plaque, and a gift certificate to Shananjac’s Pizza.

First Place, Elementary: Garrin Schneeg
Death Claw

The army marched into the market that morning heading for the castle. The king greeted us at the drawbridge.
“I trust you did well with the battle?”
“Yes.” Said our captain.
The king was overjoyed.
“Did they give you any gold?”
“No, but they gave us a diamond.”
“A diamond!”
The king was angry, “I like gold more than any diamond!” He yelled.
“What shall we do with it?” said our captain.
“Put it on display.” Said the king. “I don’t want it.”
Just then the queen walked over.
“What’s all the fuss?”
Then she saw the diamond.
“A diamond, I want it I want it I want it!”
“No” said the king.
“Please” pleaded the queen. “I want it for the great festival.”
The king thought for a moment, “That might be a good idea.”
“Of course I’m right,” mumbled the queen.
“Ok” said the king. “Go put it on display and round up the people. We’re having a party.”
As the sun went behind the mountains, the celebration began. There was food and dancing and everyone was happy. But way off behind the mountains a dragon the color of gold awoke. As the party went on not many people notice the diamond pulse bright yellow, accept me. I tried to tell the king, but it was too late. A dragon swooped down and breathed fire. The archers were frozen with fear. I shot at him and they did too.
Most of the arrows bounced off, but some struck him. He roared and then he saw it. The diamond glowed bright in the night. He dived and picked it up. He began to fly away, but just then an archer shot a metal chain around his leg. He fell from the sky and landed outside the castle. The archers kept shooting but it only made him mad. He roared and smashed a wall. The king and queen were down in their bunker room with the royal guard.
The king said, “We must leave we don’t have enough food to feed both the army and the royal guard. We’ll use the tunnel.”
I was about to face the dragon alone. I came at the beast in my shining armor. The dragon swiped its tail and I was thrown to the ground.
The dragon smiled at me and said, “You are puny human scum. You are weak without your kin. It is the time of dragons!”
He started to stomp away.
I yelled at him, “You are just another dragon and I will kill you!”
He stopped and said, “I’m not another dragon human scum! I am Death Claws!”
He came back over to me and stared into my eyes. It was only two seconds but it felt like forever. Then it came.
The air became really dry. The dragons chest heaved his mouth filled with fire. The fire burned my eyes, it burned my thoughts, then…nothing. When I awoke I was confused. How long had I been out? I couldn’t remember what I was doing until I saw the dragon. He was sitting about five feet away with his back to me. I grabbed a spear and stalked towards him.
I stopped and heard him say, “The diamond is mine all mine.”
He roared. I saw the diamond glimmer in the sun. All of a sudden I had an impulse to take the diamond for myself. I shuddered, “Don’t think like that.” I thought.
I raised my spear and jammed it into his back. He roared and fell over. His eyes stopped glimmering. He was dead. I walked away from the castle thinking of my accomplishment.
The king and queen rode away from the battle on their horses. Just then they turned around and fire rained down on them from the sky. A sky full of dragons.
The age of dragons had begun!

First Place, Middle School: Malley Raymond
The Magical Egg Sandwich

Samantha was changing into her navy blue sweatshirt and black leggings when she heard her best friend Connor knock on her bedroom door for school. She opened the door and he walked inside. He was wearing blue janes and a Pink Floyd t-shirt, he flipped his messy brown hair out of the way of his blue eyes and said,
“Are you ready yet?”
She put her dark black hair into a ponytail and 5 minutes later they were heading out the door. They were talking about what they did over the summer, until an old lady with fuschia hair yelled,
“Hey! You kids. Get over here!” Out of curiosity, they walked over to the lady.
“I want an egg sandwich!” then she turned around picked up an old Coca-Cola can off the ground and threw it at the teenagers. Connor picked up the can and everything turned white.
Samantha and Connor had been transported to the clouds within a minute. They were freaking out. Samantha sat down and by her foot she saw a toad. It was hopping around. Samantha tapped Connor’s leg and pointed at it.
They stood up and started following the toad. They had walked 20 feet when the toad disappeared into a cloud of smoke that spelled, “egg sandwich”. After the smoke cleared Connor stared at Samantha with confusion. Connor said, “Didn’t the lady want an egg sandwich?”
“Yeah. I think she did,” Samantha answered.
They walked past where the toad had been and then another 20 feet. They came to a rapid stop because to their surprise they saw a large boar running around. Connor then ran up to it and jumped on its back, then grabbed Samantha’s hand and pulled her on the boar. The boar started running faster.
“We need to make a sandwich out of the egg.” Samantha said.
In the distance they saw a grocery store. Connor grabbed his wallet out of his back pocket, and waited for the boar to stop. They walked into the store and Samantha grabbed a cart, they walked around and picked up bagels, cheese and bacon. They sprinted to the cash register, quickly scanned the items and got their price.
“Where are we going to make this sandwich?” Samantha asked as they hopped back on the boar.
“I bet this thing will take us somewhere.” Connor said. Then the boar started running.
10 minutes later they jumped off the creature when they saw a flat log. They then decided to make the sandwich here. They got the ingredients out of the plastic bag and set them down. They started a fire, Samantha cracked the egg on tinfoil and started cooking the egg and bacon. While Samantha was doing this, Connor prepared the bagel. When they both were finished, Samantha slid the egg on to the bagel, then laid down the cheese and meat. They put the sandwich in a Ziploc bag and started walking.
They walked for 3 days until they found a monument. The Washington Monument. They stopped in wonder.
They walked inside and saw the old woman that threw the Coke can at them. They presented her with the egg sandwich.
“Took you long enough,” she screeched, “I was starving. Now give it to me!”
They handed her the sandwich, then quickly took it back.
“We will only give you this,” Connor said, “If you bring us back home.”
“Ok,” she said, “I will but I need two dollar bill first.”
Samantha dug through her wallet and pulled out the two dollar bill. She handed it to the lady, who bit the sandwich, crumpled up the money, then threw it in a fountain. Then whispered the chant she said when she transported them in the first place and grabbed the kids’ hands and exploded, bringing the children back to Earth.
“We are never eating egg sandwiches ever again.” They said simultaneously, as they walked to school and asked a teacher what the date was.
“August 27, 2018.” He replied. They looked at each other and realized that time had froze when they were in the clouds. They laughed and that’s when they walked to 1st hour class.

First Place, High School: Christian Stewart
The Story of Me

There are many people with very bad lives. There are ones with every opportunity in the world, and yet they still throw it away by doing drugs or by getting in trouble with the law and spending most of their adult lives in prison or jail. But this is a story about a boy, who is just starting his life as a young man and has much potential. But to get this point, he’ll have to go through some challenges and face some amazing and some not so amazing people. It all starts from when he is just a little boy. This boy grew up in a split family, from which he knew not anything different. He had two brothers, one named Anthony and one named Damian. The brothers would soon know that their bond with their biological family, was to be broken by a single little boy that will try anything to get them back to their mother.
Although there are people who think strongly that foster care is useless, let me tell you, it can be a lifesaver. When I was young, I learned that I got to do whatever it takes to survive. Yeah I grew up in a nice family, but we weren’t always given food when we (me and my siblings) were hungry. Sometimes my parents couldn’t afford food or they just didn’t give it to us. When things started going down hill I was 5 years old. My mom dropped custody to my brothers and me. So, we went to live with our dad. He had his moments where he liked children, then the times where he was mad at us it got ugly. To add on to that, my dad and step mom were doing “naughty” things to us children. I won’t get into detail, but it wasn’t things that should be done to anyone let alone a helpless child.
We also had this lady coming to our house about every two weeks to check on us. Little did I know that this lady was working for, at the time, DHS. DHS stands for Department of Human Services and they helped me and my brothers and sister get out of this terrible situation we were in. I told this lady what they were doing to us and within two days there were police taking us to safety. Had we stayed any longer, one of us would have died, guarantee it. Not knowing what is next to come me and my brothers gathered our stuff and were shipped to our first foster home. My sisters were shipped to where ever they were going. I have not seen all my sisters in over 11 years. We were there for about three or four years and then we found out that me and my brother had family, on my dad’s side, out in Maryland who was willing to take us. They traveled out to us and took us to Maryland soon after meeting them. About a half year later, I was in a mental institute because of things I did and things I said.
After Michigan DHS found out that I was there, they sent a worker to get me and bring me back. After going through 8 foster homes in one year, I found what I call “My Forever Home.” The home I would stay at until I was 18. Things were rough at first but now me and my adopted family joke about it. I’m now 17, I’m in the CTC welding program and have future plans for after I move out. Now that everything is settled down in my life a little, I plan on becoming a welder and working to retirement and living a long fulfilled life. Although things started rough I plan on making my odds of survival greater to those that oppose me and my thinking. I plan on seeing my brothers and sister, all of them, before I die so I can tell them how much I love them and what I did to put them in the situation they are in now, whether it is a good or bad situation. I had a rough start to my life, but it is still beginning and I will make it the best life that I can make it.

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