Crisis? Let Us Look At The Numbers

March 23, 2020

Dear Editor:
Would you put your tickets to the Final Four up against the odd chance that you might catch a case of the flu.  Well fortunately for you, you will not have to make that “difficult” decision (wouldn’t be a tough choice for me).  Your government and the media (at the risk of being redundant) have taken the not unusual annual outbreak of a new mutation of a virus to the level of calamity, of the “life as we know it” level of threat

This in no way implies that the corona-virus is not real.  It is very real as are the deaths it has caused.  Many have been accused of calling it a hoax.  It is not the virus that is being called into question but the draconian response to the virus.  This virus is every bit as real as H1N1, the Swine Flu of just ten years ago.

Speaking of H1N1, Up North Live (by Hannah Cumler – Friday, March 13th 2020 – GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) did an article comparing the two viruses (viri?).  The following is copied directly from that article.

“All of the following numbers are from the World Health Organization:

In 2009, there were up to 1.4 billion worldwide cases of the Swine Flu in the one year it was a global pandemic.

For the coronavirus, since the breakout in Wuhan, China months ago, there are 132,536 confirmed cases worldwide.

With the swine flu, there were up to 575,000 deaths worldwide associated with disease over the course of the entire pandemic.

Months into the coronavirus there have been 4,947 deaths worldwide.

In the United States, there were 61 million cases of confirmed swine flu.

Friday afternoon, there were 1,264 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., of course that number continues to grow each day.

Comparing death tolls, the 2009 swine flu claimed the lives of 12, 469 Americans.

As of Friday afternoon, there were 36 deaths due to the coronavirus in the U.S.  (authors note:  when the number reached 51, 30 of them were in the State of Wash., 28 in a single nursing home.)

The swine flu was declared no longer a pandemic in 2010, meaning the above numbers for the disease are final.

However, the coronavirus is still expected to grow.”

Of course it will grow but whether or not it reaches the numbers of ten years ago is not known.  Again, the issue is not the virus but the response to the virus.  In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined what has been done to us by our governments.  Also I find some of the behaviors of my fellow Americans to be, at best, disturbing.  

Dave Isaac   

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