Seasonal Weight Restrictions Set for Roads

March 2, 2020

By John Raffel

Luke Houlton of the Osceola County Road Commission has announced season weight and speed restrictions will be enforced on Osceola County residents until further notice.

Individuals can receive more information by calling the road commission at (231) 832-5171 or write to 4737 Makwa Drive, Hersey, MI. 49639.

The road commission points out a way residents can avoid having the ends of their driveways clear of snow even after the local snow plow comes through.

It’s suggested by the road commission for residents to shovel a corner of the right-of-way free of snow in the area several feet before the driveway to help keep the same snow from being pushed into the driveway in an icy heavy pile.

The road commission said clearing an area large enough to hold the snow coming off the plow may help reduce a need for the second shoveling of snow.

The road commission also reminds residents not to plow or shovel their driveway snow into the street. It’s illegal and also dangerous because the snow melts over already salted roads and refreezes to create an ice patch.

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