Whiskey vs Medical Marijuana/Cannabis

March 2, 2020

I’m very disappointed with the Lake City City Council Members who approved TWO Whiskey Tasting Openings for downtown LC, but DENIED the openings of Medical Marijuana, or Cannabis Dispensaries.

September 2019, the AARP Bulletin’s Cover Story “Marijuana and Your Health” was based on Medical Marijuana detailing on seven pages in the Bulletin, many stories of how it has helped so many people with pain, spinal stenosis, kidney dialysis, cancer, chemo, radiation, nausea and so many other symptoms, without leaving the patient in a “drunken stupor” by using an oil pill, or other forms at night.  It is being used in Nursing Homes, Hospice and so many long term care facilities and for people with cancer, or other debilitating diseases and painful diseases and/or from injuries.  You can look up and read the Article on the Internet.

If you read the article in the AARP Bulletin, you will better understand the benefits of Medical Marijuana.  I know ~ people of my age group were “dead against” Marijuana and did everything we could to prevent our children from using it, but there is a difference in Cannabis/MMJ which most often is grown under Organic and climate controlled indoor greenhouse conditions.  It is also  regulated by testing the strength of it.  A Medical Marijuana Dispensary adheres to these conditions. 

Dr George Wagoner fought hard to get MMJ legalized before his death, because he saw how much it helped his wife, Beverly during her bout with cancer. 

I don’t believe CBD, or THC, should be put in coffee, butter, or other foods that anyone can buy, or eat, as this would include children having access to the CBD, but a Dispensary who sells to adults, or to those who have a MMJ License could be so helpful to so many people in pain, or suffering from some other debilitating disease.

NOW ~ Lets talk about the “BENEFITS” of WHISKEY!!! Has it cured anyone of any symptoms? NO!!!  Does it cause Domestic Violence?  YES!!!  Does it cause arguments with family and friends when that person is drunk, destroying that relationship? YES!!!  Does the person who gets drunk on Whiskey remember their destructive behavior the next day?  NO!!!  Does this person deny emphatically that they did nothing wrong and/or, change the story, but the evidence is clear?  YES!!!  Does the Whiskey cause the person to blame others for their behavior?  YES!!!  Does Whiskey cause Liver destruction and death?  YES!!!  Does Whiskey destroy families?  YES!!!    Does Whiskey cause accidents and death to innocent people in vehicles?  YES!!!

This is just a few examples of Whiskey vs Cannabis/MMJ.  I›m hoping that the LC City Council Members who voted for the Whiskey Tasting Opening of TWO new businesses in LC will not live to regret their decision by causing more HEARTACHE for people who live with someone who can not control their drinking.  Alcoholism is a Disease and very difficult to treat, so WHY would the City Council manifest TWO FREE Whiskey Tasting Business that is only going to destroy more families who live with a person who has the Disease of Alcoholism?

Why would the LC City Council Members DENY a Medical Marijuana Dispensary to those who have applied for a License to open in Lake City, when Cannabis is so helpful in so many Medical conditions and Whiskey is so DESTRUCTIVE?

Apparently the City Council Members believe that Whiskey is better for people than Cannabis.  Time for the City Council Members to do some research BEFORE voting on issues that are NOT “good for the general public” and deny helpful Medical Benefits to those who are suffering in pain.

I cannot imagine how the people feel who live with an alcoholic, or who are an alcoholic and who struggle daily to stay alcohol free and go to AA and the spouses who go to Al-Anon for better understanding of their spouses behavior and addiction, feel about offering FREE whiskey to anyone every day of the week at TWO places in LC.  Did the Council take into consideration how this would also affect so many children of an alcoholic and putting more fear into them as to how their parent can now get FREE whiskey and what they will have to live with???

It would be so much more advisable and beneficial to encourage a MMJ/Cannabis Dispensary that would HELP so many people suffering with debilitating disease.  WHISKEY does NOT do that, it only makes everything worse for many families and friends.
Lake City, MI 49651

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