Amazon To Announce Location Of Second Headquarters

Amazon’s search for a second headquarters is set to come to an end on Thursday, October 19. The cloud computing and online retail giant announced plans to find a second headquarters outside of Seattle just this past September. The project, named HQ2, promises the host city up to $5 billion in investments and the creation […]

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Car Collides With Semi Truck In Northern Michigan, Causes Injury

A recent crash in Garden Corners, in which a tractor trailer and passenger car collided, caused one critical injury and a complete highway closure. Michigan Livereports that the crash occured on Highway 2, north of Lake Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. According to police, one person was removed from the scene in critical medical condition. Michigan Live also reports […]

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The Person I Admire Most Tim Tebow

Going back to an early age, I’ve always been a sports nut. There aren’t too many sports I don’t find interesting, and it seems I have spent a good share of my life in front of the television set watching football, baseball, basketball or whatever sport was on ESPN any given day. Likewise some of […]

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Fall and Family

 Our foray into the wilds of the Hiawatha National Forest campgrounds behind Tippy Dam, proved to be a grand thing this time of year. But then we knew it would be so. We’ve been there before. We were fortunate enough to land one of the three sites on the Manistee River at a place called […]

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What’s Cooking?

As we all know the big game at the Big House did not go as expected….It turned out to be a super upset and the Green & White came through with a Big Win…In my neighborhood we have mixed houses with the Michigan flags and State flags but my 10 foot tall Sparty came through….and […]

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Calling All Time Travelers

A decade or so back in time, MIT student, Amal Doral, threw a much publicized party he hoped would be one for all the ages. He sponsored the first, and probably the last, Time Traveler Convention at the Boston campus. “The chance that anybody shows up is small, but if it happens it will be […]

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Historical Stone Soap Building In Detroit To Receive $27 Million Renovation

The historic Stone Soap building will be undergoing a $27 million renovation, Detroit officials announced Wednesday, October 6. The renovation will be the first step in Detroit’s East Riverfront Framework redevelopment project, put in motion in March 2017. The project will be lead by Banyan Investments, a real estate investment company. The Detroit-based developer plans […]

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New Study Finds One-Third Of Parasite Species Could Be Extinct By 2070

A third of the Earth’s parasitic species could be facing extinction by 2070, a new study finds. The study was published in the journal of Science Advances and was conducted by multiple international researchers including Nyeema Harris, an assistant professor in the University of Michigan’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The main cause of […]

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Sensless Killings Provide Few Answers

Like many of us, I have been glued to the television watching in horror as the death and injury count mounts in the latest massacre of Americans. As I write this 59 are counted dead and over 500 were injured as they attended a country music outdoor concert in Las Vegas. I don’t know what […]

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The Autumn Gardener Tour

We are taking our camper out for one last tour for a couple of days this week. We are hoping that they are perfect examples of the best fall weather, but we will be happy with whatever we get. By the time you read this we will have returned to the woods and the little […]

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