Eclipse Gazing, Not So Much

Are you ready for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse this Monday? Have you acquired your special paper eyewear that protects your eyes from the eclipse? I haven’t seen so much hysteria over a two minute event, well since May when the Kentucky Derby was run in 2 minutes and 12 seconds. I hadn’t given […]

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Down Some Happy Trails…

I have a couple of things to reminisce about this week; memories with pertinent connections to things happening this month. Perhaps one will jog a memory for you. As long awaited improvements are in progress at each of our school buildings it brings to mind the earliest construction I remember at the school. It occurred […]

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Unlikely Heros

William Wilberforce lived in England more than two centuries ago and the consuming passion of his life was to end the slave trade in the British Empire, but most saw him as one of the most unlikely persons of that painful period to do so. Wilberforce was in poor health, suffering from such physical distress […]

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What’s Cooking?

Well, our weather has taken a dip in temperature and it is felling more like fall, especially in the mornings, so I will do more recipes for preserving those great vegetables that we will use this winter…. CHILI  SAUCE 12 to 14 pounds ripe tomatoes 2 1/2 cups small onions, ground 2 1/2 cups green peppers, ground  4 cups celery, chopped 6 inches of stick […]

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Good Riddance To California

Believe it or not there are a couple of movements gathering signatures as we speak, to remove California from the United States. The “Yes California” and the “California National Party,” are two high profile groups expecting to get the issue on the California ballot within the next couple of years. More striking is that political […]

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And A Good Time Was Had By All…

We have another successful Old Fashioned Days on the books. We say it every year, because we consider it is so. And in our opinion, attendance appeared to be higher than in the past couple of years. Every year hundreds of folks come for a variety of reasons and attractions. They all have a good […]

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We’re In Debt To Everybody

It was Sunday morning. I stood alone in the study of the active, growing church where I was the pastor and didn’t feel like preaching. Hundreds of people awaited a sermon to help them with their many needs and build their faith, but I wasn’t up to the occasion. My busy schedule had caught up […]

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What’s Cooking?

With another successful Old Fashion Day’s concluded, I would like to take a moment to express a “thank you” for the great group that put on this years Classic Car Show at the Marion Fair Grounds.  It was well attended and the Marion Group did a fantastic job making everyone feel welcome and made sure that all […]

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Michigan’s Most Popular Foreign Language Might Surprise You

The current political climate may stigmatize immigrants from Arab nations and Spanish-speaking countries, but in the state of Michigan, those two foreign languages reign supreme. While Spanish is widely recognized as the second-most spoken language in the entire nation, a survey conducted by 24/7 Wall St., LLC found that Arabic is the next most popular […]

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Congress, Presidency a Joke

Man, if I ran a business as dysfunctional as Congress and the West Wing, I would see bankruptcy as quickly as Anthony Scaramucci was booted out of the White House. The dysfunctionality that pervades both branches of government is beyond comprehension. In the case of Congress, it’s simply a fact, as it always has been, […]

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