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View on The View

Dear Editor: Joy Behar on the ABC show the The View made some shocking statements concerning Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. Behar stated, “It is one thing to talk to Jesus, it is another thing when Jesus talks to you.”  Then she delivered a bomb shell comment, in essence saying that Jesus talking to […]

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Why are we killing each other?

Dear Editor: I join the millions of people who are praying for the families of the Florida School shooting.  I cannot imagine the trauma in all the families caused by this senseless act. Neil Cavuto, a reporter from Fox News covering the story posed the question:  “What is going on in our country, why are we killing […]

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Time to update an ageing system

Letter to The Editor, It’s Time to Update Decades Old 911 Infrastructure. The current 911 network infrastructure is based on technology that is nearly 50 years old and as such was designed around calls made from the old kitchen phone. This network has served us well, however the substantial influx of cell phones and internet […]

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Term Limits Agreement

Mike, I read your January 12th column with some interest. You tried making the old “too long in office” argument. I believe you missed an important point. It has been almost 60 years, but I remember learning about “term limits” in high school. Yep, we had them even then. If I remember correctly (and we […]

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Trump USDA Organic ruling

Dear Editor, The Trump administration ruled on Friday that animals raised for food under the “USDA Organic” label need not be treated any less cruelly than those in conventional farming. The decision reverses years of U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, which held that the “organic” label should impose minimal ethical, health, and environmental standards. For the animals, […]

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Big Pharma needs throttled

Dear Editor, Your editorial today on Big Pharma drew my intense interest. It was succinct. I found the statistics you cited shocking and angering. If your statistics are accurate, and I don’t doubt them, Big Pharma needs to be throttled.  Are you sure of this: “The irony of all this is most drugs cost very […]

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Government is not a football game!

Dear Editor: This morning I opened CNN and saw a quote from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that sums up everything that is wrong in American politics.  “You complain about the process when you are losing”.  What he was referencing was democratic complaints about a lengthy and complicated tax plan that was first released less than 6 […]

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The older we get

Mike, Like you, I bemoaned the thought of growing old until I was reminded that so many of us aren’t fortunate enough to do so. Lou K.

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Facebook Blackballs Christians & Conservatives

Dear Editor:   I have heard that Facebook is run and managed by a group biased liberals under the management of Mark Zuckerberg.  I heard stories how Facebook declines certain advertising clients based on their liberal ideology.  But until you are personally impacted, do you really realize the reality of this truth.  I can now believe the rumors […]

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Former Marion Resident Seeks Harvey Relief

Dear Editor: To the Marion residents:  If you were wondering how to help someone affected by Hurricane Harvey please continue to read this article.  Hurricane Harvey affected many people in Texas.  Billy McCombs, son of Bill and Mabel McCombs of Marion, is one person who has suffered losses due to the hurricane. He and his […]

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