Letters to the Editor

Government is not a football game!

Dear Editor: This morning I opened CNN and saw a quote from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that sums up everything that is wrong in American politics.  “You complain about the process when you are losing”.  What he was referencing was democratic complaints about a lengthy and complicated tax plan that was first released less than 6 […]

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The older we get

Mike, Like you, I bemoaned the thought of growing old until I was reminded that so many of us aren’t fortunate enough to do so. Lou K.

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Facebook Blackballs Christians & Conservatives

Dear Editor:   I have heard that Facebook is run and managed by a group biased liberals under the management of Mark Zuckerberg.  I heard stories how Facebook declines certain advertising clients based on their liberal ideology.  But until you are personally impacted, do you really realize the reality of this truth.  I can now believe the rumors […]

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Former Marion Resident Seeks Harvey Relief

Dear Editor: To the Marion residents:  If you were wondering how to help someone affected by Hurricane Harvey please continue to read this article.  Hurricane Harvey affected many people in Texas.  Billy McCombs, son of Bill and Mabel McCombs of Marion, is one person who has suffered losses due to the hurricane. He and his […]

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So much is positive at Marion Schools

Dear Editor: I am writing today about a lot of the POSITIVE things we are achieving in the Marion Public School system. First I would like to say congratulations to the 2017 Graduates.  Our Students received over $400,000 in scholarships at this years Awards Ceremony. I would like to also tell you that with a lot of long hours […]

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Speak out about abuse

Dear Editor This past year I’ve had the privilege of working with so many dedicated and caring people as our team visited the areas schools and presented our sexual abuse education program. The teachers and administrators have been extremely supportive and love our kids. It’s good to know our children are in good hands when […]

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Recycling Center Kindness

Dear Editor: My brother wanted me to send this email for “LETTER TO THE EDITOR.” He just came from the recycling center in Marion.  The kids there are so helpful and totally amazing!  They are very friendly and so willing to help.  It’s so easy to recycle in Marion.  Kudos to all the kids who […]

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Marion Schools Noncompliant with Title 1 Funding

Dear Editor: The Marion Schools have been noncompliant with Title 1 Funding since November of 2015. It wasn’t until the funds were frozen that Mr. Meir started working with the ISD and teachers to get us compliant. Our question is: why would Mr. Meir not keep us compliant for over one and half years before […]

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Marion PTO Fiesta Week A Hit

Dear Editor: This past week, May 1-5 Jen Krchmar along with the Marion Elementary PTO organized a Mexican fiesta week to honor all the teachers at Marion Elementary for teacher appreciation week.  The PTO had fun and silly ways for the teachers to earn tickets for a gift basket at the end of the week.  […]

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Sexual Assult Awareness, Our Efforts Must Continue

Dear Editor: April was sexual assault awareness month and Healing Private Wounds just finished the month visiting areas schools telling children about sexual abuse and how to protect themselves. In every school a child discloses sexual abuse and then receives help. One first grade girl asked, “Why would someone want to hurt children like that?” […]

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